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About our Veragua Rainforest Research Station

We are a scientific research station and private reserve located in the Central Caribbean region of Costa Rica, where students, researchers and visitors can experience the rainforest and participate in our investigations to learn about biodiversity and conservation. 

Veragua operates its Biological Research Station in conjunction with the Biology School of the University of Costa Rica. Since 2012, Veragua biologists have performed numerous studies to understand how environmental variables such as temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and moonlight affect the reproductive behavior of different animal populations.


Climate Change Mitigation Commitment

Climate change is one of the biggest concerns and challenges facing the world today.  As the world’s nations race to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet their commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, studies show that tropical forests play an important role in climate change.

Costa Rica is a hot spot due to its unique ecosystems and abundant biodiversity that will be seriously impacted by changes in the planet’s temperature, rainfall variance, and possible increase in natural disasters.

Veragua Rainforest is now linking our scientific investigations and climate change research with new environmental education programs that incorporate STEM education elements of natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics in hands-on learning experiences.

Our Educational Program Mission

We are committed to delivering an unforgettable learning experience in Costa Rica’s Central Caribbean region, providing educators and students with an opportunity to incorporate into their learning the concepts of:

    • Climate Change  
    • Sustainability
    • Cultural Integration