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Professors Testimonial

As a pure tourist, I would highly recommend this site. It is closest to my idea (from novels or books) of a tropical rainforest. A tremendous experience. But as a scientist (biologist), I found the research laboratory and possibilities for biological research incredible. The possibility for interaction between the scientific community and this institution are very good. Veragua can contribute to our knowledge on the biology of Costa Rica. The young people (Jose, Andrés Wagner, Huber), are to be given excellent credit and reviews. Please promote and encourage their Studies! 

Dr. Ray Bauer. Professor Department of Biology University of Louisiana.
Especialista en biología de los camarones y hábitats Marinos.


Veragua Rainforest: An Anole Mecca
The frog diversity is so great, it almost rivals the anoles in interest”.
Veragua is much more than a fun place to stop-over. They have basic dormitory facilities for classes and researchers, more importantly, incredible biodiversity. A combination of primary and secondary rainforest, Veragua’s 1300 hectares are adjacent to the Chirripó National Park, an enormous park that is part of the Amistad International Park shared with Panama. As a result, the species richness is outstanding.

Dr. Losos, Professor and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University



It was a real pleasure to get to know the Reserve. The hospitality and receptivity were wonderful. The crustaceous diversity was enormous. The research done by Jose, Andres, and all the team members, were very professional and qualified.

Dr. Fernando L. Mantelatto. Professor, Sao Paulo University. Specialist in sweet water crabs. Laboratorio de Bioecologia e Sistemática de Crustaceos, Departamento de Biologia – FFCLRP – USP.



We stayed only two days, but we were impressed by the possibility to do research. It is a great place with a very good infrastructure. The scientific personnel are great, starting with Jose Salazar, the research coordinator. I will write a proposal with UCR (University of Costa Rica, to do research here.

Dr. Ingo Wehrtmann. Professor and researcher with the Biology Faculty Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Curator for the National History and Zoology Museum, Associated researcher at Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología (CIMAR) de la UCR among others



It was great to see you and see everything you are doing, and to see the reserve. We were impressed with your Cruziohyla calcarifer work. It was great to see the lemur frogs too! You guys have such a diversity of species, the visit was inspirational.
Dr T. Bray. Lecturer in Field Conservation and Science Bristol Zoological Society, Clifton,