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Rainforest Trails

After traveling on the Rainforest Aerial Tram to the Victoria River Canyon floor, you can choose from several trails of differing activity levels to explore the rainforest.

Trail of the Giants

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the centuries-old “rainforest cathedral” of primary forest trees, walking along raised wooden walkways meandering alongside the Victoria River. This trail derives its name from the gigantic trees that formed its path, and that have stood along the river for ages.

Trail of the Brave

This aptly-named one kilometer (0.62 mile) trail is designed for the adventurous, experienced hiker in good physical condition. (We suggest you bring an extra shirt at least). You’ll hike from 210 meters (690 feet) up to 425 meters (1,395 feet), ascending around 700 feet in less than a mile! The path takes you back up the side of the canyon to the main visitor area. This trail has fantastic views: well worth it!

Puma Waterfall

One of our favorite and most picturesque hikes involves a short hike to the 20-meter-high (65-foot) Puma Waterfall that cascades in two tiers into a large pool. While this hike is short, please note that there are a total of 350 steps to and from the falls viewing point and photo opportunity.