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Frog Habitat Tour in the Costa Rica Rainforest

Our unforgettably unique Frog Habitat showcases the numerous amphibian species that live in the Caribbean rainforest. The exhibit is divided into three sections, which are open depending on season:

Interactive and informational area: You can learn about these incredible creatures through our fun and interactive displays.

Day-time frogs: See our open-roof (or open-air, etc.) collection of native frogs that are most active during daytime, including the red poison dart frog. These are the frogs that are most often seen moving freely around Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure's walking trails.  And watch your step! – they also move freely within this unique Diurnal Exhibit!

Nocturnal frogs: Most frogs are nocturnal which makes observing them in their natural habitat difficult. We artificially turn day into night in our nocturnal frog exhibit to allow you to watch these fascinating animals going about their normal lives, rather than hiding or sleeping as they do during daylight hours.

Who is Ruthie the Rufi?

Ruthie the Rufi logo which is a illustration of a frogDuellmanohyla rufioculis is a red-eyed frog species that lives in small, crystal-clear creeks surrounded by forests—in this case at the Veragua Rainforest.  

We call her Ruthie the Rufi for short and for fun! 

During rainy days males can be heard singing to attract females and to begin their courtship.  After the courtship, eggs are deposited on leaves above small brooks.  Only days later tadpoles are hatched which fall into the water.  

The tadpoles have suckers that allow these “babies” to adhere to rocks to facilitate their development in moving water.   This wonderful frog is one of the 56 frog species that bring life to the mountains of the Veragua Rainforest. We hope you enjoyed meeting “Ruthie the Rufi”!