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World-Class Facilities

Veragua Rainforest Was Honored for its Architectural Design


The Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure and Foundation for Rainforest Research are home to excellent, clean and new visitor facilities.  The park was opened in 2008 and was built with the upmost care.

A  testament to our quality, Veragua Rainforest’s architect, Juan Ignacio Acuñam, received the Metalco Award at the 2008 Costa Rican Architectural Conference for his design and use of ecologically-sustainable construction techniques with steel at Veragua. This award is the Costa Rican version of the international "Pritzker Architecture Prize."

In addition to fun activities and educational exhibits, Veragua is home to the Rainforest Café and the Congo Arts & Crafts Gift Shop.

The Rainforest Café

The Rainforest Caféis a comfortable, light and airy outdoor café with covered seating under our high pavilion, allowing guests to dine in a covered area with views of the rainforest around them. Guests can enjoy a Costa Rican buffet style lunch including chicken, rice, plantains and beans, along with fresh fruit and juices.   

The Congo Arts & Crafts Gift Shop

The Congo Arts & Crafts Gift Shop nearby showcases the art of native Costa Rican artisans and is stocked with a variety of native art including paintings and indigenous masks, animal wood carvings, and locally-made creative remembrances and gifts, including jewelry, wood bowls and serving plates, magnets, coffee mugs, and candles.  Logo item t-shirts, hats and visors, other small keepsakes, and sunscreen and insect repellent are also sold. Just like Veragua, many items have an eco-design or creative theme befitting this magical corner of Costa Rica and providing a memorable keepsake. 

Note: Some tours include lunch whereas others include only fruit or no food.  A la carte food and beverage purchases are available during lunchtime hours.