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Butterfly Garden

Our Butterfly Garden is inhabited by hundreds of the world’s most colorful butterflies. A walk through our garden allows adults and children to interact with these wonderful and magical creatures in an intimate environment, perfect for a photo opportunity or, see if you can have a butterfly land on you-- a sign of good luck.

Costa Rica is famous for the beautiful blue morpho butterly, along with 10,000 other species. The blue morpho resides at Veragua!

Your walk through our garden includes a visit to our research lab, where our staff studies the behavior and lifestyle of Veragua’s colorful flying residents.  Also, take a leisurely walk through cases of butterflies, perfectly preserved and correctly pinned by our scientists.

The ancient Greek word for "butterfly" means "soul" or "mind". In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolizes love. In some old cultures, butterflies symbolize rebirth after being inside a cocoon for a period of time.