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Aerial Tram Ride

Keep your camera ready for amazing panoramic views as you board the Rainforest Aerial Tram for an unforgettable ride through the pristine rainforest canopy. Similar to a gondola system, the rainforest tram allows you to observe tropical wildlife such as monkeys, birds, colourful insects, the occasional shy sloth and other extraordinary rainforest inhabitants from the unhurried comfort of our open tram cars as you descend the mountain to the riverbank below

"We journeyed into an amazing world that most people never see,"
Mark Miller
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Most animals live in the upper rainforest canopy where they feed on fruits and seeds that grow where the sunlight reaches-- and from the aerial tram you can see some of this wildlife. 

The Rainforest Aerial Tram not only provides spectacular views but also is the means of transportation connecting the upper section of the park, where the Welcome Center and live exhibits are, down into the Victoria River Canyon below, where walking trails to the river, waterfall, and through the primary rainforest begin.