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The Foundation for Rainforest Research (Veragua Foundation)

What do we do:


The Veragua Foundation for Rainforest Research is dedicated to ongoing scientific investigation of the flora and fauna of the tropical forest of the Veragua Rainforest Park and its surroundings in the Central Caribbean coastal mountains of Costa Rica. Understanding and protecting the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s rainforests is at the forefront of the Foundation’s work. Since 2012, Veragua biologists have performed numerous studies to understand how environmental variables such as temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and moonlight affect the reproductive behavior of different animal populations.

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When you make a US tax-deductible donation to support Veragua Foundation via Amigos of Costa Rica, you’re supporting one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the country. This zone hosts one of the most important biodiverse regions in Middle America, with 64 different species of frogs, 375 kinds of birds, more than 70 mammal species, and hundreds of butterflies and other peaceful creatures. This donation will contribute to the purchase of materials for our research lab and our researchers as well as our environmental educators.




Your contribution is important!

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