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Bird Diversity Veragua Rainforest

The list of birds reported for the park has a total of 343 species (Table 3). It was an initiative of the Daniel Torres, Site Manager, who has organised it for the past three years along with the team of researchers and Veragua naturalist guides. This is an event that takes place around the world called “Christmas Bird Count (CBC)” which is to make a bird monitoring for 24 hours in a 12-Km. diameter area globally established.

The CBC’s organised by Veragua Rainforest initiated back in 2009, with a group of the best specialists in birds of Costa Rica as leaders on each route. During the first year of the event, it reached the number of 364 species, 371 species in 2010. In 2011 they were able to perform 18 routes, reaching 408 species. A year later, there were 19 tours and they counted 417 species. The result of this event shows the greatest diversity and abundance reported for the Central American region with a record number of 417 identified species and 12,665 individuals.

Bird List