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The lists and monitoring of beetles are in charge of the entomologist Rolando Ramirez, who along with specialists from the University of São Paulo and the National Museum have identified several specimens. One of the best sampled groups are the Cerambycidae family beetles. This inventory represents the greatest biodiversity of species for this family of beetles collected in one study area (either a National Park, Biological Reserve or similar), with respect to studies and inventories made in Costa Rica and Central America.

The work of monitoring and sampling has been carried out from November 2008 to the present day. There have been are counted 219 morphospecies, of which 194 have been rated (Table 2). These 200 species represent a 13% of the biodiversity from theCerambycidae family within the Costa Rican territory.

As part of the study four possible new species have been identified. They are currently under review, as well as a report of a new genre for Central America. Next, we will compare similar studies about theCerambycidae family, made in other areas of Costa Rica, based on the numbers of inventoried species:

 Diversity of beetles of the family Cerambycidae