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Mamals and Birds

Veragua Rainforest, the hot spot of diversity of birds in Central America

Author: Daniel Torres et al.


The list of species of Veragua Rainforest has a total of 343 sp. This list started by the initiative of Daniel Torres (Site Manager), which together with the team of researchers and naturalist guides of Veragua Rainfrest organize the Christmas Bird Count (CBC). The activity consists in making a bird monitoring for 24 hours, within a worldwide established area of 12 km diameter. This activity is in charge of a group of specialists in birds of Costa Rica, among which we highlight the decedent Julio Sanches, one of the most important researchers of Birds of Costa Rica.

The result of this activity were 408 sp, it is the largest number of species observed in Central America for a day. The cumulative species observed in the year was 478 sp; which represents more than half of birds of Costa Rica. This important diversity has already been reported to the Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservación (SINAC), in order to promote local conservation strategies and research.


Putu Juvenile 

(Nyctibius grandis)