The Giant Green Anoler / El gran Anol Verde

The Giant Green Anoler The diversity of amphibians and reptiles of Costa Rica’s Central Caribbean has been little studied, however, thanks to the monitoring work of the University of Costa Rica and Veragua Rainforest they have succeeded in demonstrating the richness of this area. For example, of the genre of lizards Anolis, there 12 species; within these we can find the species Anolis frenata, which is considered a reptile that is difficult to see in Costa Rica. This species usually...

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Ecotourism in Costa Rica Defines Veragua Rainforest Park

Ecotourism and Costa Rica are practically synonymous, especially since Costa Rica essentially pioneered the flourishing ecotourism trend. In April of this year, Costa Rica was named the most popular eco-friendly destination in the world by TripAdvisor members. The country has been on the forefront of the eco-friendly travel movement ever since it developed its Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) program in 1999. The program grades the sustainability of a tourism entity based on specific criteria such as proper waste management,...

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Fights between Males / Las peleas entre machos

Fights between Males The biological classification, family Centrolenidae, is the family of glass frogs. We can easily find these frogs in creeks or slow rivers, since they use these sites for reproduction. The malessingat nighttoattractfemales, but during thisperiodother types ofinteractionsoccur,such asthis fightof twomalesdefendinga territory. Suchconfrontationsusuallybegin witha change inthe vocalizationsof the males, accompanied bya shift in posture or stance. This behavior attempts to repel the invading males, but if they decide to fight you can watch the male frogs fighting for...

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Christmas Bird Count Record Soars in Costa Rica for 2012

Costa Rica’s 2012 “Christmas Bird Count” at Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure near Limon scored great success. A historic  number of 417 different bird species, and 12,665 individual birds, were identified in a 24-hour period – the highest number registered in Central America for the annual bird count. Beginning at 12:00 a.m. on December 5 and finishing at midnight the same day, 67 ornithologists, naturalist guides, university students and bird enthusiasts covered 19 routes in the Central Caribbean rainforest sighting...

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Veragua Aerial Tram Offers Glimpse into Hidden Rainforest

Suspended on cables gliding through the tops of giant tropical trees, amid hidden, dripping, hanging gardens full of plants and animals in the rainforest, is a pretty cool experience. Rainforest trees are tall, really tall, even towering up to more than 100 feet high. The microcosm of life happening at this level is abundant and amazing, and not often seen. Unlike canopy zip line tours, which have become all about the thrill of zipping as fast as possible on long,...

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