Reptile Habitat Tour

Visitor taking a picture to a animalIn our Reptile Habitat, you will see iguanas, lizards and snakes living in areas created to mimic their natural habitats.

Learn about their characteristics and the important role these reptiles play in our environment.

Over 130 different snake species call Costa Rica home, including some of the world's deadliest, such as the Golden Eyelash Viper and the Fer de Lance pit viper (known locally as the “Terciopelo”).

Aerial Tram Ride

Aerial Tram Ride Tour in Limon Costa Rica RainforestKeep your camera ready for amazing panoramic views as you board the Rainforest Aerial Tram for an unforgettable ride through the pristine rainforest canopy. Similar to a gondola system, the rainforest tram allows you to observe tropical wildlife such as monkeys, birds, colorful insects, the occasional shy sloth and other extraordinary rainforest inhabitants from the unhurried comfort of our open tram cars as you descend the mountain to the riverbank below

"We journeyed into an amazing world that most people never see,"
Mark Miller
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Aerial Tram Ride Tour in Limon Costa Rica RainforestMost animals live in the upper rainforest canopy where they feed on fruits and seeds that grow where the sunlight reaches-- and from the aerial tram you can see some of this wildlife. 

The Rainforest Aerial Tram not only provides spectacular views but also is the means of transportation connecting the upper section of the park, where the Welcome Center and live exhibits are, down into the Victoria River Canyon below, where walking trails to the river, waterfall, and through the primary rainforest begin.

Rainforest Trails

Tropical treesAfter traveling on the Rainforest Aerial Tram to the Victoria River Canyon floor, you can choose from several trails of differing activity levels to explore the rainforest.

Trail of the Giants

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the centuries-old “rainforest cathedral” of primary forest trees, walking along raised wooden walkways meandering alongside the Victoria River. This trail derives its name from the gigantic trees that formed its path, and that have stood along the river for ages.

Trail of the Brave

This aptly-named one kilometer (0.62 mile) trail is designed for the adventurous, experienced hiker in good physical condition. (We suggest you bring an extra shirt at least). You’ll hike from 210 meters (690 feet) up to 425 meters (1,395 feet), ascending around 700 feet in less than a mile! The path takes you back up the side of the canyon to the main visitor area. This trail has fantastic views: well worth it!

Puma Waterfall

One of our favorite and most picturesque hikes involves a short hike to the 20-meter-high (65-foot) Puma Waterfall that cascades in two tiers into a large pool. While this hike is short, please note that there are a total of 350 steps to and from the falls viewing point and photo opportunity.

Attractions & Activities at Veragua Rainforest

Girl in the Canopy tour

Veragua has excellent educational displays with wonderful live collections of frogs, reptiles, butterflies and other insects.. not to mention the ziplines...
Jonathan Losos
Professor and Curator Museum of Comparative Zoology Harvard University

Aerial Tram Ride Rainforest Trails
Butterfly Garden Foundation for Rainforest Research
The Original Canopy Tour Insectarium
Reptile Habitat Tour Frog Habitat
Puma Waterfall Shore Excursion

It’s an all-in-one total rainforest adventure!

With world-class facilities, dramatic natural beauty, and a commitment to conservation and scientific research, Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure is the place to visit for the most complete, exciting and educational Costa Rican rainforest experience possible.

All pathways and trails at Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure are wheelchair and stroller accessible, except for the Puma Waterfall trail and platform, and the hiking Trail of the Brave.

Butterfly Garden

Blue butterflyOur Butterfly Garden is inhabited by hundreds of the world’s most colorful butterflies. A walk through our garden allows adults and children to interact with these wonderful and magical creatures in an intimate environment, perfect for a photo opportunity or, see if you can have a butterfly land on you-- a sign of good luck.

Costa Rica is famous for the beautiful blue morpho butterly, along with 10,000 other species. The blue morpho resides at Veragua!

Your walk through our garden includes a visit to our research lab, where our staff studies the behavior and lifestyle of Veragua’s colorful flying residents.  Also, take a leisurely walk through cases of butterflies, perfectly preserved and correctly pinned by our scientists.

The ancient Greek word for "butterfly" means "soul" or "mind". In Chinese culture, two butterflies flying together symbolizes love. In some old cultures, butterflies symbolize rebirth after being inside a cocoon for a period of time.